In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Cheer and Highschool (Original poster: Stephanie Copperman) August 25, 2001

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Just last Monday, I tried out for Highschool cheerleading. After doing the cheers and dances, we needed to work on jumps. The first person who came to my mind for help on them was Krissy. I was saddend, but knew she would be there with me. I needed her the most since Kelli and Natalie were both out of town. At the try-outs, I wore the blue ribbon, that La Tosha made for all KU members in memory of her, and thought of it as her being there with me. I take that ribbon with me whenever I feel I need Krissy with me. She was the angel that was lifting me up from the ground on my jumps. I had to go to tumbling classes before try-outs and see where I was on the tumbling scene. I took that ribbon, and that night I did a round-off back hand spring. It was my first time. I really belive Krissy was there during try-outs and tumbling, because I made the squad. Highschool is going good Krissy, and you would love all the cute guys and fun classes! Im taking French next year, just as I promised I would!! I wish you were here so we could call and talk about it for hours like we used to. I miss you more than ever and I know you are with me every day! Love you tons!


odds n ends (Original poster: shayna vercillo) August 23, 2001

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dear Kristen,
I just started school again and it is actually preety fun.I have a lot of friends in my classes and school looks a lot better when your the eighth graders of the school.I haven’t seen Cory lately though I wish I did. When i get to highschool I’m going to take french as my language. I’m really excited about it. Nothing much lately but taryn found our old Tucson pictures and they turned out great!!!!!!
love always,
Shayna V.(Sailor Saturn)


Live Life to the Fullest (Original poster: Shelly L.) August 15, 2001

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As I was trying to think of things that describe Kristin, one word stood out in my mind that I have used many, many times over the years…busy! Kristin kept herself very busy. She took lessons in gymnastics, tap, jazz, ballet, pointe and lyrical; keyboard, drums and the marimba; she took horseback riding lessons; she had private voice instruction and group voice lessons. Through the years she won many awards in dance competitions, pageants and percussion. It seemed that when she wasn’t learning, she was performing; and when she wasn’t performing, she was teaching.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that there were times that I thought she was too busy. Myself, being a person who generally enjoys being at home, I couldn’t imagine that all this activity could be good for a kid; as a mom, I couldn’t comprehend how Taryn kept Kristin’s schedule straight and found the energy to drive her everywhere. Hindsight has given me a different perspective on this. I think that Kristin lived more and experienced more in fourteen years than many people achieve in decades. Kristin thrived on activity. In spite of her hectic schedule, she still found time to read books, write poetry, and watch her favorite animated movies and Japanimation shows; she still had time to construct the most awesome homework projects and get straight A’s; she still had time to go to church, youth group and camp; she still had time to travel with her family to the east coast, the west coast, and many places in between, and to travel on more cruise ships than I can recall (I’ve never even been on one!) To quote the old cliche, Kristin “lived life to the fullest.” Every day of her life was an adventure…every year a celebration. She had the most incredible birthday parties, but that’s a story in itself that I will tackle another time.

I miss her so much.


new cousin (Original poster: Amber Smith) August 13, 2001

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Dear Kristin,

Guess what! We have a new cousin named Daniel Richard. I wish you were there with me today so you could hold him. He’s cute, he has no teeth, his hair is fuzzy. He grabs onto fingers really tight.



Christmas Cookies (Original poster: Amy Oldham) August 11, 2001

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I have been contemplating which of my many fond memories to share with everyone here. I have chosen one which brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. I hope it does the same for you.

Being away at college during Kristin’s first couple of years was very difficult for me. As my college friends can attest to, I was a very proud Aunt and treasured the times I could come home to Arizona for vacations and spend time with my nieces and nephew.

One of those favorite times was the Christmas of 1987. I remember my mom gave me the very important task of frosting the Grandma Winnie cookies (an annual tradition in the Wiersma family). I had never done it on my own before, so I was anxious to impress everyone with my developing homemaking abilities. I had also offered to watch Kristin for the day and thought nothing about letting a 14 month old “help” with the frosting task.

Kristin was sitting on the kitchen counter with the cookies and frosting ingredients. I would give her a spoon and also occasionally let her pour in some of the ingredients. Then, I stepped away from the counter for a short time and turned my back to Kristin. In retrospect, not the smartest thing I have ever done, but I didn’t know any better.

I worked furiously frosting and applying candy sprinkles to about 3 dozen cookies before my mom came home. I was excited to present my masterpieces to her. She eyed the first sheet of cookies I had done and had a strange expression on her face. She asked me, “Amy, have you tasted these yet? They look a little…different.” I hadn’t really noticed, but I replied, “No, you go ahead.” She took one bite and didn’t look like she particularly enjoyed the flavor. She then questioned, “How much salt did you put in the frosting?” Feeling a little defensive at this question I replied, “The recipe said a pinch mom, so I put a little pinch in Kristin’s hand and she put it in!” She then moved to the frosting bowl and we observed together that the frosting appeared to be developing tiny holes that the cookies were also developing. It was then that I noticed the salt container open and tipped on its side and remembered clearly that moment I had turned away from the counter. Of course, Kristin was all smiles. She had no idea what trouble she had caused. However, we had to be amazed that she knew at such a young age how to copy what we did. Fortunately, there were plenty of cookies left and after preparing a new batch of frosting we finished the cookies the right way. And they were delicious as usual.


Cinderella teen wears Kristin's robe" (Original poster: taryn smith)" August 6, 2001

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I was recently (in June) invited to attend the state finals of the Arizona Cinderella Scholarship Program to be a part of a special award they were presenting. One outstanding Cinderella Teen contestant, Valerie Roberson of Yuma, was selected to become the first ever Arizona Cinderella Ambassador, In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, for the next year. With that honor, in addition to a $100 college scholarship, flowers and crown, Valerie was presented a Royal Cinderella Robe, which has long been a dream of Kristin’s to possess. Traditionally, the robe is only worn by the five overall state Cinderellas (one in each age division), which makes it a much coveted prize. ‘The Kristin Kay Smith Memorial Scholarship Award’ will be embroidered inside this beautiful robe, along with the names of each annual recipient. Thank you to the Swartzman’s for allowing the memory of my daughter to live on in the Cinderella Program.

This was Valerie’s 11th year of involvement in the Arizona Cinderella Program. I was very pleased that this 1st award went to a Cinderella Girl who knew Kristin. The Ambassador will travel to help promote the spirit of Cinderella in Kristin’s memory and I think that Bob and Denise made an excellent choice. Good luck to you, Valerie, as you travel the state, sharing with other young ladies the qualities that make you an exceptional Cinderella Girl.


Feeling the loss (Original poster: Carol Sottosanti) August 1, 2001

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As I get ready to go to Europe to see Jennie and Kelli, I miss Kristin a little more. She is always with me and when I get at all emotional I seem to miss her more. What a special person and wow what she gave to all of us in fourteen years. I will hold my girls a little bit tighter for her when I see them. I know they miss her so much and the fact that they have been gone since the beginning of the year has been hard on them. When you read what her friends write about her it makes you realize how special and unique she really was. I hope it makes us all appreciate each person in our lives no matter how young or old. I miss you so much, Krissy. All my love, Carol Sottosanti