In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Thank you Kristin (Original poster: Ken Gafner) October 19, 2001

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I just learned about Kristin a few days ago, I am saddened and my heart goes out to her family.

I would like to say a few words too. I knew Kristin for a few years because she and her family would always come into Swensens to eat dinner. Never in my life did I have customers that were so happy to see me and so nice as Kristin, Taryn and Amber. Even if my night was going really bad, it always got better when they would come in. I can remember joking around with Kristin and Amber and I would have as much fun as they did. I miss those days. I was just a waiter at a restaurant but Kristin touched my heart as I am sure she did to many people, she will be missed. Kristin, thank you for bringing a little sunshine into my life.


A note to Taryn (Original poster: Shelly L.) October 2, 2001

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Dear Taryn,

In honor of Kristin’s birthday, I’m sending a gift to her Memorial Scholarship Fund. I know you’ll put it to good use and make a positive difference in the life of a grieving child. Although we couldn’t be together today, you and the girls have been on my mind all day.

Love you,



Happy Birthday (Original poster: Amber Smith)

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Dear Kristin, I’m so sad that you couldn’t be here on your birthday. We got new shirts with your pictures from Kristen and Meg and some of your other friends. I really miss you. Kristin, please tell your daddy that we are thinking of him and that I wish that he was my dad too and that I wish that I knew him too. For your birthday, Grandma and Grandpa got you an angel that was feeding a horse. It’s pretty. Mom put it in the cabinet in the living room. I really miss you and your daddy and I pray for you. I hope that you can help me in school because you’re the best in the world. Mom, Cheyenne and me are all thinking about you. I wish you could see all of the white doves fly out at the ceremony. Can you tell me when I get up in Heaven if Mel is there too? Slinky is doing well and I think he really misses you like we do. Did you know that we have a fish like Mel at school? I just want to see you one more time but I can’t. I will just have to wait because you are up in Heaven with God and Jesus. I really miss you. Love, Amber


Happy B-day (Original poster: Kristin's sister Cheyenne)

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Dear Kristin,

I loved the doves on Saturday. They were pretty. I wonder if you could see them from Heaven. I hope you saw all 30 of them. Abby and I lifted up the veil on your headstone. I hope you got the balloon and notes that I sent to you. Your friends from school made shirts with your pictures on the front and on the back. You look so pretty on your last picture that Uncle Clyde took. They made shirts for me, Amber and mom. We wore them to school today. Remember when you took my picture at Old Tucson when I was hugging Frosty? Did you like my Teddy Bear that I held in the show? I miss you very much. I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday.

Your sister,
Cheyenne Kay Smith


Happy Birthday Dobedo! (Original poster: Haley Henning)

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I just wanted to say that I am thinking about you on your birthday! I miss you very much and wish you were here with us to celebrate the day you joined our family. But it helps to know you are in Heaven and able to spend this very special day with your daddy. I’m sure you know how special your mom made Saturday’s ceremony in rememberance of you and Uncle John. It was very beautiful. And a great tribute of your life you shared with us and the joy you brought to everyone’s life that had the chance of knowing you.
I love you very much and I am sending my hugs and kisses up to you and Uncle John!

Love, Bobo


Happy Birthday (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma)

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You are in my thoughts each and every day–I miss your sweet smile and big hugs so much. Saturday was a beautiful celebration of your life and your sweet spirit.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!



Happy b-day (Original poster: Marcus Henning)

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Well I really don’t know what to say besides happy B-day and I miss you.

Love you lots,


Happy B-Day Krissy (Original poster: Eliana Melia)

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I’ve never written in anything like this before, but I’ll give it a try. Krissy was in my AB, and we ate lunch together, and she was such a wonderful friend, that,I just wanted to wish her a VERY happy Birthday, and to wish everyone else well as well. I will try to write more messages in here, as time goes on.
Eliana Melia 🙂


Happy Birthday! (Original poster: La Tosha Lyn Evans) October 1, 2001

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Happy B-day! If you were here I’d get you the new *nsync cd!


Remembering you on your birthday (Original poster: Shelly L.)

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Fifteen years ago, your lovely spirit entered this earth and joined our family. We loved the precious little baby, we adored the daring toddler with the golden curls, we admired the brave and intelligent child, and we stood in awe as you grew into a talented and beautiful young woman. Although we only had you to hold and to touch for 14 years, 2 months and 28 days, we know that we will see you again. A book I’ve recently read answers the question “will we recognize our loved ones in heaven?” by saying: we will not REALLY know our loved ones UNTIL we reach heaven! To me, that’s truly something to look forward to.

I love you!