In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Cinderella teen wears Kristin's robe" (Original poster: taryn smith)" August 6, 2001

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I was recently (in June) invited to attend the state finals of the Arizona Cinderella Scholarship Program to be a part of a special award they were presenting. One outstanding Cinderella Teen contestant, Valerie Roberson of Yuma, was selected to become the first ever Arizona Cinderella Ambassador, In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, for the next year. With that honor, in addition to a $100 college scholarship, flowers and crown, Valerie was presented a Royal Cinderella Robe, which has long been a dream of Kristin’s to possess. Traditionally, the robe is only worn by the five overall state Cinderellas (one in each age division), which makes it a much coveted prize. ‘The Kristin Kay Smith Memorial Scholarship Award’ will be embroidered inside this beautiful robe, along with the names of each annual recipient. Thank you to the Swartzman’s for allowing the memory of my daughter to live on in the Cinderella Program.

This was Valerie’s 11th year of involvement in the Arizona Cinderella Program. I was very pleased that this 1st award went to a Cinderella Girl who knew Kristin. The Ambassador will travel to help promote the spirit of Cinderella in Kristin’s memory and I think that Bob and Denise made an excellent choice. Good luck to you, Valerie, as you travel the state, sharing with other young ladies the qualities that make you an exceptional Cinderella Girl.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Precious Moments (Original poster: Chuck Wiersma)My wife Virginia and I recently returned from a motor home trip to attend a family reunion in the Midwest. Along the way, we stopped off at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri. There we reminisced about the trip we had taken with Haley, Marcus and Kristin in July of 1999 when we brought them to Mears, Michigan to attend Grace Youth Camp.During that visit to Precious Moments, I remember the evening spent at the Fountain of Angels show with our grandchildren. A beautiful hymn was being sung, giving glory to God, which was synchronized with a powerful display of light and water. I remember taking Kristin’s hand, and she put her arm around mine and leaned her head against me.As I sat through the show this trip, I could almost feel her hand in mine. This is a very special memory for me.Grandpa Chuck

  2. Anonymous Says:

    if you have a special picture of yourself and Kristin and would like to have it put in the book with your message just scan and e-mail it to me (taryn@uswestmail.net) or get me a copy of it. Thanks.”

  3. Anonymous Says:

    A book about memories! (Original poster: Lyric Vance)Valerie Roberson is so excited to have received this tremendous honor and wants to do everything she can to make this year very special in Kristin’s memory! She has requested that the people who knew Kristin the best write something special about her so that she can better represent this title! She is going to be writing a speech about the title and about Kristin and would love to hear some special stories or a special memory that she might include in her speech. Carol Sottosanti and I suggested to Denise Swartsman, the Arizona Cinderlla State Director, that we make a book of memories about Kristin and present it to Valerie and then Valerie, in turn, will present this book to the next girl who receives this award next year when she passes down her title and her robe. The book of memories will always be added to by people who have something to say about Kristin and it will become a part of the award so that each girl will be able to know something about Kristin and see how special she was and how much she meant to the people who loved her so much! Valerie’s mother is sick with cancer and is going through chemo right now. Because of this, we need to get this project underway immediately. Her mother is going to have it kind of rough for the next few months so I told her that we would get this finished as soon as possible! So, please, tell anyone you know to post something on this board under the subject “Arizona Cinderella’s Ambassador Award” and Taryn will print it out for us or you can call me at home at (520)321-1445 and I will more than gladly meet you to pick it up. Or, any of the KU kids can leave it at the studio and I will get it there! Thanks so much! I know this got kind of lengthy! Shelley Stowe

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Arizona Cinderella’s Ambassador Award” (Original poster: taryn smith)If you would like to post a message to be included in the memory book listed in the message titled “A book about memories!” just click above on “Post Reply to this One”. If you have already posted a message on this site or on another site that you would like included

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