In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

:( (Original poster: ASHLEY CONDREY) November 24, 2004

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When we lost Kristin i told myself i couldn’t go through another loss of a best friend. i just lost one of my good friends in a car accident. she was driving but a truck t-boned her and she died the next day. it is so hard to go through this and now i truly understand that you never know what is going to happen next and you should always be prepared. with the deaths on kristin and now Lauren i have realized that driving and even riding in a car can be scary. I started driving about 5 months ago and am now afraid because not just one but two of my best friends have been killed by cars. just like kristin, lauren was a great person and believed in God and put all her trust in him. Earlier in the same week she had told her parents that when ever the lord was ready to take her she was ready to go be with him and serve him forever. God heard her plea and answered her prayer that was her one goal in life and now her dream and wish has come true. her license plate said “16 4 Jesus” which sums up her life perfectly. on all of her sports teams she was number 16 and she lived 16 years in Jesus Christ as her lord and savior. i’m writing this because i would just like to ask for anyone who reads this if you would please keep the Parker family in your hearts and prayers.


congrats (Original poster: Valerie Roberson) November 18, 2004

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i am sooooo happy for you!!!!! i am sooooo glad that you are finally a part of the family…you always were, but now it is on paper, i also sent a “balloon message” to Kristin, and i also sent oneto my friend Whitney…i love you guys, and i miss you, once again congrats..tell your family i said hi and that you guys are always in my prayrs.

love always,
Valerie Roberson
Kristins first ambassador


adoption (Original poster: Kristin's sister Cheyenne) November 14, 2004

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Dear Kristin,

I got adopted today.

P.S look for the balloonsI sent.

love, cheyenne kay SMITH


Kids Unlimited Show (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma) November 12, 2004

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The KU show last weekend was really superb and enjoyable because of the hard work of so many. Chey, Kristin must have been smiling with pride, keep up the good work.


Grandma & Grandpa


Thinking of You (Original poster: Nicanora Sample) November 1, 2004

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My heart goes out to you in the loss of your precious Kristin she is so full of love and life. This is the kind of Angels that make those stars above twinkle. May your beautiful daughter stay close to your heart for ever.
I lost a sisiter to leukemia on Sep. 5, 1986. IT was around the same time you lost your Kristin.
I lost my 21 yr. old son Christopher to murder at a party in 1999. His case is unsolved.
May you have many blessings sent to you by your beautiful Kristin. It is so very hard no matter how long it has been, but we carry though with God’s help. May God Bless you and take care. Nor