In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Feeling the loss (Original poster: Carol Sottosanti) August 1, 2001

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As I get ready to go to Europe to see Jennie and Kelli, I miss Kristin a little more. She is always with me and when I get at all emotional I seem to miss her more. What a special person and wow what she gave to all of us in fourteen years. I will hold my girls a little bit tighter for her when I see them. I know they miss her so much and the fact that they have been gone since the beginning of the year has been hard on them. When you read what her friends write about her it makes you realize how special and unique she really was. I hope it makes us all appreciate each person in our lives no matter how young or old. I miss you so much, Krissy. All my love, Carol Sottosanti


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The angel pin (Original poster: Shelly L.)Dear Carol,Have a great time on your trip and hug your girls for us too! Taryn is always so happy to hear from them, and it’s exciting for me to find out what wonderful places they are visiting and see the photos they send. Perhaps you’ll take your October Angel pin along to Europe. I took mine on a recent trip to San Antonio and in some strange way, it made riding on the upside-down roller coasters at Fiesta Texas with my kids all the much more meaningful. (I think Kristin would be proud of my bravery!) Thanks so much for giving me my special “Kristin” pin at the Cinderella pageant. I will always cherish it.

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