In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Missing Kristin (Original poster: Allison Robertson) June 30, 2001

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Dear Family:

We are thankful that we could come and visit all of you. Especially you Taryn. I was very happy to see you. I have a special memory of Kristin too. Taryn and Kristin were visiting us a couple of years ago and we all decided to go downtown to see the fireworks. (Of course Aunt Kay and Aunt Helen didn’t go because there was a slight chance of rain!) So we kids went anyway. We took the train and all the kids (Kristin, Winnie, Mitchell, Jenna, Carly and Brittany) had a great time. We finally reached Chicago and found a great spot on the beach. We had snacks, etc. We were just kicking back and relaxing.

I kept looking at the sky and it kept getting darker, and darker and darker and I kept saying to Taryn and Dyan (my sister-in-law), “I think we should take cover, it looks like it’s going to rain.” I really didn’t get a response except, “it’ll blow over.” The kids kept saying, “it’ll blow over.” Finally, I just said, “I’m packing up and taking cover.” Well everyone followed. We no sooner got off the sand and the rain came down. I’m talking rain like during Noah’s flood! We were almost knee deep in rain, all the children clinging to us grownups and us grownups laughing about the rain to hide our fear of the huge storm welling up over our heads.

The one thing I most remember about that trip was Kristin. When we finally swam back to the train to get home because we didn’t think the fireworks were going to fly, she came up with a plan. We were all soaking wet. I mean soaking. Miss Kristin happened to have to go to the washroom and discovered a dryer for your hands after washing them. We wondered why the heck it was taking her so long to get out of the bathroom. We waited and waited and finally, here she comes. Mostly dry and refreshed while the rest of us were freezing and dripping until we reached home (I mean there were like nine of us!!!!) How ingenious of her to use the dryer for her hands to dry most of her clothes. I envied her nice luke warm clothes at that time!!!! By the way, the sky cleared when we were on the train and the fireworks did fly and we all missed them!!!!!!

We didn’t see Kristin much and really have only the memories that you guys have shared with us. But I know for sure that my memory of that July in Chicago will never leave me. I am thankful that Kristin visited us at that time so that I can have this wonderful, cute and happy memory of Kristin.

I also was at Disneyland and Cabbage Patch Land with Kristin and both her parents many years ago. Those are some fond memories too. We had such a nice time and I miss those times.

I will check this website often and can’t wait to see the pictures and descriptions. Taryn, take care and keep in touch!

Love, Allison

Taryn, I love you very much and hope that you will talk to me anytime if you need to. This website is beautiful and wonderful and Kristin would be proud of everyone who participated in the development of it.


One of my Kristin memories (Original poster: Rich Wiersma) June 28, 2001

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I remember a night about 5 years ago when Kristin and I attended a U of A Football Game together. I can’t say that Kristin was greatly interested in the game; but she was a good sport and watched it politely and tolerantly. On the other hand, the snacking appealed to her, as did the Halftime Show!
With the start of the second half, a light drizzle began to fall. Many around us left, but we snuggled to stay dry and warm. When I was finally convinced that the rain had no plans to let up for awhile, I asked Kristin if she would like to go home. She said she was fine, but was getting a little sleepy and would like to rest.
Of course, it seemed to take only seconds before she was fast asleep, what with the fresh, crisp, night air and pleasant sound of raindrops tapping the umbrella.
While curled up on my lap, she stayed perfectly dry under our umbrella. Every now and then however, she would stretch out her legs into the weather and so I would have to fold her knees back up to keep her tennies dry.
She looked like a little cherub. The lights played off a sweet, innocent face framed by golden hair escaping from under her hood.
I can’t tell you who the U of A played that night. I don’t even remember who won; but I can still close my eyes and picture her peaceful sleep and gentle breathing.
That was a special time between an uncle and a niece. The Epistle of James states that “every good gift comes from above.” I’m thankful for those memories, and for the assurance that our interaction will resume again someday at God’s appointed time and in the place that He is preparing. We hope you’ll join us. Regards, Uncle Rich


My heart was touched (Original poster: Marlene GROSZEK) June 25, 2001

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What a great website to honor the memory of Kristin. All the readings touched my spirit. “Blessed are the children of God for they shall be comforted.” Virgie, thank you for inviting me to this website.


More Memories (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma) June 23, 2001

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Each day there are many memories that float through my mind…

My first memory of Kristin is as an infant struggling in the incubator
at University Medical Center (we wondered if she would make it or if there might be some disability). We were soon convinced she was totally healthy and wonderful.

Kristin was a sweet and beautiful tot that loved to be with others,
especially other children. She laughed and smiled a lot.

But then there are memories of her losing and missing her father that she loved and who loved her dearly.

I remember a beautiful teen thirsting for knowledge and excellence in
everything she did, whether it was scholastics, gymnastics, dance, band, voice, teaching other children, and on and on…..

The flashback I most often have is of Kristin, leaving our home after a visit, and always wanting to stand back-to-back to see if she was as
tall as I…and she did pass me up with great joy.

Kristin blessed our lives and I look forward to a heavenly reunion. I
do not have the answer to why Kristin died. I do know that some day WE WILL BE REUNITED, and then the whys will not matter. In the meantime, I go on day by day clinging to the verse I learned so many years ago, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5,6

Thank you to our family and friends who visit this site to share
memories of Kristin and give us encouragement. We hope it is an
encouragement to you as well.

Kristin’s Grandma


I miss her! (Original poster: Lyric Vance) June 20, 2001

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I have known Kristin almost all of my life and I miss her so much. I think of her every day and write things down about her so that I will never forget. I know that I will see her again someday when I get to Heaven and that makes me so happy. Sometimes I remember that she is in Heaven watching me and that reminds me to try hard to be the best that I can be at everything that I do. I hope she is watching me and is proud of me because I want her to know that I remember all of the things she taught me. I have a pretty picture of her in my room and I look at it every morning. I really miss her and love her so much. Kristin, I hope that you like your new home. You are so pretty. I love you.
Love Always,


I'm so thankful for this site (Original poster: Shelly L.) June 18, 2001

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Memories and thoughts of Kristin are with me every day. It’s wonderful to know that her beautiful, smiling face is just an internet click away, whether I’m at home, at work, or even traveling. Thanks to the family for putting this memorial site together, and thanks to all of you who visit this site and pay tribute in this forum. It brings comfort to us to know you care. Keep watching for the photo album coming soon. It’s going to be great!
(Kristin’s Aunt Shelly)


Hello Taryn (Original poster: Kari & Bill Middleton) June 17, 2001

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Hello Taryn and the rest of the family! This site is wonderful, what a great way to share stories about Kristin. I look forward to the completion of the photo album! Take care,


Kristin is missed (Original poster: Emily W)

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Now that I’ve found the REAL website (as opposed to the test site)I will reiterate that you have done a wonderful job! I think it’s great that Kristin’s memory can be shared with the rest of the world.


Hello to Taryn (Original poster: Linda and Bob Smith) June 15, 2001

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Dear Taryn;
We are friends of Chuck and Virginia and share their love of travel and motor homes. We were saddened to hear of your loss in Dec and know the pain you must be in. We’d like to hope that each day gets a little easier and that you can try to focus on the rest of the family that is suffering too but needs you to be there for them as well. You’ll get thru this together.
This is my first attempt at a discussion website. Very interesting and we look forward to learing more about your daughter.
Linda and Bob Smith


To OGMS students (Original poster: taryn smith)

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Kristin’s yearbook was circulated a little bit on the last day of school. If you did not get a chance to sign it, you can write a message here and I will print it on a label and put it in the book, or you can e-mail to me, or you can write it on a label and mail it to the P.O. box listed on the scholarship page.