In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Cheer and Highschool (Original poster: Stephanie Copperman) August 25, 2001

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Just last Monday, I tried out for Highschool cheerleading. After doing the cheers and dances, we needed to work on jumps. The first person who came to my mind for help on them was Krissy. I was saddend, but knew she would be there with me. I needed her the most since Kelli and Natalie were both out of town. At the try-outs, I wore the blue ribbon, that La Tosha made for all KU members in memory of her, and thought of it as her being there with me. I take that ribbon with me whenever I feel I need Krissy with me. She was the angel that was lifting me up from the ground on my jumps. I had to go to tumbling classes before try-outs and see where I was on the tumbling scene. I took that ribbon, and that night I did a round-off back hand spring. It was my first time. I really belive Krissy was there during try-outs and tumbling, because I made the squad. Highschool is going good Krissy, and you would love all the cute guys and fun classes! Im taking French next year, just as I promised I would!! I wish you were here so we could call and talk about it for hours like we used to. I miss you more than ever and I know you are with me every day! Love you tons!


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