In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

The photo album is great! (Original poster: Ema Lag) May 18, 2002

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The photo album is really great, does anyone know when it will be updated?


A quote from a book (Original poster: Shelly L.)

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I was just relaxing on my couch, reading “When You Can’t Come Back”, by Dave & Jan Dravecky. It’s a story about Dave’s major league baseball career and his experiences with cancer. The last lines of Chapter 4 made a real impact on me and I felt compelled to share it here. It says, “…with every death of someone we love, our longing for heaven grows stronger, because that is where our heart is, taken there a piece at a time by the ones we loved on this earth.” What a powerful statement! I know a piece of my heart has moved on to my eternal home.


My heart goes out to you (Original poster: JOAN FICK) May 4, 2002

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Hello Tayrn,
Thank you for shareing your daughters site with me… She was beautiful …I feel your pain.. as I too lost my daughter… she was 21… I believe that they are in heaven together.. your daughter and mine..someday we will see them again.. The poem your friend wrote touched my heart.. I know that there is a heaven, and that if we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ then we will be saved.. and we are promised a home in heaven when we die… that is my only peace…that they are in heaven


The Teacher (Original poster: Rich Wiersma)

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Tonight was a night when my memory of Kristin was especially fresh, and therefore, her absence especially heartfelt. These emotions were sparked as I was busily researching a topic on the internet that I have wanted to understand more fully for many years. As my comprehension of this topic began to take shape, my excitement and desire to discuss with someone what I was discovering grew accordingly. That’s when Kristin popped into my mind. She had such an extraordinary passion for someone her age to learn about the world around her. She was always immersed in a book, analyzing, solving. I believe she would have welcomed Uncle Rich’s lecture about a topic that most kids her age would likely roll their eyes at. Of course, the reality is that Kristin is now learning at the feet of the Master, so her understanding of the universe far exceeds anything that my little peabrain could contribute! We’ll have some catching up to when we join her, but I’m confident she will enjoy teaching and showing us “the ropes.”