In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

2016 Felicity Cauthen March 21, 2017

Felicity, after being crowned as the 2016 AZ State Ambassador

1image 1 3 on way to Cinderella Ball

Felicity on her way to the Cinderella Ball.

2image 4 new labels for my crown case and scepter case

New labels for Felicity’s crown and scepter cases.

3image 4 3 Newly rhinestoned sash

Newly rhinestoned sash

4image 4 5 4th of July parade

4th of July parade

5image 3 6 with gifts from Mrs Terri Screen Shot

Gifts from Mrs Terri

6image 2 4 Arizona royalty

Arizona Royalty

7image 2 5 Az Royalty showing muscles

Az Royalty showing muscles

8image 3 7 Arizona royalty at orientation

International’s Orientation

9image 4 1 Adalee and I at orientation

Felicity and Adalee at orientation

10image 4 2 at Welcome Banquet

Welcome Banquet at Internationals

11image 3 2 at Prince Gilbert party

Prince Gilbert party at Internationals

12image 2 1 Arizona Dream team after awards banquet

Arizona Dream team after Awards Banquet at Internationals

13image 2 3 Arizona royalty at DQ for children's miracle network day

Arizona royalty at DQ for Childrens Miracle Network Cay



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