In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

2006 Sabrina Auge January 6, 2011

Sabrina being Crowned by Sahreena

Sabrina being Crowned by Sahreena

After Being Crowned

Sabrina, 2006 Ambassador and Sahreena, 2005 Ambassador

Sabrina with Bob and Denise, State Directors, after being Crowned

State Royalty, with Carol, Director of Kids Unlimited, where the girls were choreographing their Cindy Disco

At Kids Unlimited, choreographing Cindy Disco

At Kids Unlimited, choreographing Cindy Disco

Sabrina Singing at the Tucson pageant

Sabrina with the Tucson Royalty

AZ State Royalty with Bob and Denise at the Cinderella Ball

Royalty taking pictures before The Arizona Cinderella Sunsplash Day

"A" for Ambassador; Royalty Disneyland Trip

Splash Mountain

AZ State Royalty Cruise

Sabrina at the Captains Dinner

State Royalty at Dinner Table

AZ State Royalty with parents at the Captains Dinner

Ensenada, Mexico

Performance on the cruise

at a Diamondbacks game

at a Diamondbacks game

at a Diamondbacks game

at a Diamondbacks game

"I had this taken at the end of my reign to frame for Denise and Bob."

"This is my banner, I wore Kristin's Pin on my banner all year, and it is still there :)"

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One Response to “2006 Sabrina Auge”

  1. Sabrina Auge Says:

    It was the year 2006, that I was crowned the Arizona State Cinderella Ambassador in Kristin’s Memory. When Sahreena crowned me, I knew that I had big shoes to fill. Not only because of the Cinderella Title, but because I had known Kristin (maybe not on a personal level) but I knew that I needed to make her proud at the way I kept her memory alive. From the day I was crowned, whenever I was asked about what the Ambassador was about, I told them about how wonderful Kristin was and that it is her memory I was representing the whole year.

    Right after being crowned, I attended the Nevada State Finals, to watch my cousin. They were so touched by the story of The Arizona Ambassador, that they started an Ambassador in honor of Lorilee Roberts. I was so happy to start a new Cinderella tradition in Nevada.

    I was honored when asked to perform at the Kids Unlimited show in Kristins honor. When Taryn handed me Kristins pin, I knew exactly where it would go. It went right on my banner and is still here to this day!

    To Kristin in heavean and the entire Smith Family and everyone who was close to Kristin, I hope that I made all of you proud as the 2006-2007 Arizona State Cinderella Ambassador. I hope you are happy with how I kept Kristins memory alive!

    Love you Kristin! Love you All!

    Sabrina ❤

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