In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

2005 Sahreena Munoz December 30, 2010
















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One Response to “2005 Sahreena Munoz”

  1. Sahreena Says:

    It was an honor to be the Arizona State Ambassador in 2005. I wore my button of Kristin every time I wore that crown. I still have it on my shelf and i look at that bright beautiful smile, I can’t help but to smile back. I remember during the year traveling to the different preliminaries and getting to talk about Kristin and what an amazing young lady she was. Before every performance during that year I made sure Kristin knew that it was all for her. Right before I would go on stage to dance I would say “This is for you Kristin” and to my mom I would say “Watch over me Mom”. I would perform for them every time, lucky for them, they have a birds eye view.

    The year 2005 was the greatest and most memorable year of my entire life.

    Kristin, not a day goes by that you aren’t missed, until we meet in heaven, thank you…

    After 13 years of competing at State, it is because of you I got to experience what a round crown felt like on top of my head, it is because of you I learned what true beauty really is and it is because of you I strive so hard in my daily duties as a young adult to be an amazing a teacher, friendly mentor, and a positive role model as you are for me. I hope I made you proud as the 2005 Arizona State Ambassador in your loving memory. God Bless.

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