In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

My Father is Gone Forever February 27, 2010

My Father is Gone Forever
by Kristin Smith

After school, I go to the family business
My dad leaves to go out on a job
I play with my cat and take a nap

The bell ringing at the door
I hear talking up front
I attempt to understand, but am far away
Footsteps coming my way

I feel a thousand angry butterflies
Tossing and turning in my stomach
I notice my teacher from private school
Again, I hear talking, I realize it’s to me

I listen with sadness,
My feet feel like running away
As she talks, I feel sadness and guilt,
For I didn’t hug him goodbye

How I wish for him to be here with me
I feel I had no one,
Like they had all left me
My dad is all I want

I feel the angry butterflies flying like eagles
To them, nothing happened.
It all happened to me.
I feel lost in my own mind.

Outside, the sun is grabbing me,
Pulling me toward Heaven, to be with my dad
I wish I could float up there to be with him.
I was scared.

Though, I still had my mom.

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