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Sailor Moon

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A Moon Star is Born

Talk Radio

Slim City

So You Want to be a Superstar

Computer School Blues

Timb Bomb

An Uncharmed Life

Nightmare in Dreamland

Cruise Blues

Fight to the Finish

Matchpoint for Sailor Moon

An Unnatural Phenomena

Wedding Day Blues

Shutter Bugged

Dangerous Dollies

Who is that Masked Man?

An Animated Mess

Worth a Princess’s Ransom

Molly’s Folly

A Friend in Wolf’s Clothing

Jupiter Comes Thundering In

The Power of Friendship

Mercury’s Mental Match

An Artful Attack

Too Many Girlfriends

Grandpa’s Follies

Kitty Chaos

Tuxedo Melvin

Sailor V Makes the Scene

A Crystal Clear Destiny

A Reluctant Princess

Bad Hair Day

Little Miss manners

Ski Bunny Blues

Ice Princess

Last Resort

Tuxedo Unmasked

Fractious Friends

The Past Returns

Day of Destiny

Episode #1 – A Moon Star is Born

Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin!

[The Crybaby Usagi’s Splendid Transformation]

The first episode of Sailor Moon introduces a teenage girl named Serena who attends Crossroads Junior High
School. On the way to school, Serena finds a cat who was practically beaten up by some kids. Serena removes
some bandages from the cat’s head which reveals a cresent moon. Just then, Serena realizes that she will be late
for class. When she is walking home, she crumples up and throws her failing test and it just happens to hit Darien
in the head. Darien teases her and she gets really mad and goes home. After doing a lot of hard work (she
showed the test to her mom), Serena falls asleep. When she wakes up, the cat from before is staring at her. Her
name turns out to be Luna, and Luna tells Serena that she is the Champion of Justice, Sailor Moon, and gives her
a transformation locket. Luna tells her to take it and shout Moon Prism Power! Thinking it’s all a dream, Serena
goes along and when she says it, she turns into Sailor Moon. Luna tells her that her friend, Molly is in terrible
danger. When she goes to save her friend, she finds a yoma and with the help of Tuxedo Mask
(a mysterious stranger), her wailing, and her Moon Tiara Magic, the yoma is defeated.

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Episode #2 – Talk Radio

Nazono nemuribyou, mamore otomeno koisuru kokoro!

[The Mysterious Sleeping Disease, Protect the Young Girl’s Loving Heart]

Jedite, a warrior from the Negaverse, discovered that humans excert a lot of “love energy” and decided to try and
snatch it, so he hosts a talk show called the Love Line on the radio for which people send in love letters and he
reads them over the the radio. Those whose letters he reads, he sends a lovely, but very dangerous flower pin that
zaps the love energy from that person and channels it back to the Negaverse. After Ms. Haruna (Serena’s teacher),
and Molly get zapped, Serena tries to write a letter and instead of sending it, she decides to give it to them
personally, but the guard sends her away saying that there is no program called the Love Line. when Serena finds
out that it is just a trap of the Negaverse, she recieves the Luna Pen from Luna which allows her to change her
clothes and hair to any proffession she desires. She marches right in as Sailor Moon and foils Jedite’s plans.

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Episode #3 – Slim City

Usagi ga oshiemasu! Slim ni naruhou!

[Usagi Wil Teach You! The Way to Get Slim!]

Serena grows concerned about her weight and foolishly plans to remain thin by
starving herself and working out at the local fitness centre. At the same time,
Jedite realizes the incredible amount of energy humans expend on their fitness
activities, and unleashes a plan to capture that energy for the Negaverse. When
Serena discovers that the fitness centre’s “relaxation pods” are actually Jedite’s
energy-draining Negaverse chambers, she transforms into Sailor Moon and once
again foils Jeditels evil plot.

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Episode #4 – So You Want to be a Superstar

Usagi hansei! Star no michika kibishii!

[Usagi’s Reconsideration! The Road to Stardom is Difficult!]

Serena and Moly decide to compete in a talent contest sponsored by the popular
idol, Saffron. The two friends cannot get their act together, so Melvin disguises
himself as a young girl to be Molly’s partner. Serena and Luna soon learn that the
event is actually one of Jedite’s traps to gather more human energy for the
Negaverse. Sailor Moon arrives to on the scene to vanquish the yoma that
is disguised as Saffron, and to help rescue her friends from Jedite’s trap.

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Episode #5 – Computer School Blues

Tensai shojoha yoma nano? Kyoufuno sennoujuku!

[Is the Genius Girl a Yoma? The Scary Brain-Washing Cram School!]

A new student, the thirteen-year old supergenius named Amy Anderson, transfers
to Crossroads Junior High and quickly makes friends with Serena. Luna suspects
that Amy may be an agent of the Negaverse, however, when a computer disk taht
Amy drops is discovered to cantain evil messages. When Amy’s computer cram
school is attacked by a Negaverse yoma disguised as the teacher it
becomes clear that Amy is not as ally of evil butrather a fellow Sailor Scout, Sailor
Mercury. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon team up to vanquish the yoma
and stop Jedite from draining the students’ energies.

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Episode #6 – Timb Bomb

Usagi no sainan! Awate dokeini goyoujin!

[Usagi’s Misfortune! Beware of the Rushing Clock!]

Jedite attempts to drain humans of their energy by setting an evil charm upon
Tokyo’s alarm clocks, which causes everyone to rush around the city frantically.
Amy avoids the charm and retains her ability to reason, although Serena is not as
fortunate. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury enter a time portal to destroy the
Negaverse yoma responsible for maintaining the evil charm.

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Episode #7 – An Uncharmed Life

Norowareta Bus! Honoo no senshiMars toujou!

[The Cursed Bus! The warrior of Flames Mars Appears!]

Serena and Amy suspect that the Negaverse is responsible for the disappearance
of bus loads of people departing from the sacred temple on Cherry Hill. Serena
and Amy visit the temple to investigate, meeting a young Shinto priestess named
Raye. Raye’s fire-reading power reveals that hte temple worker, Jed, is behind the
kidnappings (it is actually Jedite in disguise). When Sailor Moon and Sailor
Mercury attempt to rescue the innocent victims trapped by the Negaverse, Raye
learns of her identity as the Sailor Scout, Sailor Mars. The three Sailor Scouts
work together to defeat Jedite’s yoma and stop the Negaverse from
harvesting the humans’ energies.

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Episode #8 – Nightmare in Dreamland

Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yume Land no Akumu!

[Usagi and Rei Face Off? The Nightmare of Dream Land!]

Serena, Amy, and Raye decide to investingate a local amusement park named
Dreamland, from where people have been disappearing. The Sailor Scouts soon
discover that one of Jedite’s yoma has been feeding poisoned cake and
candy to the visitors, which puts them into a deep sleep. Once the victims are
unconcious, Jedite drains their energies and chennels it back to the Negaverse.
With Tuxedo Mask’s help, the three Scouts destroy the yoma and rescue
the victims.

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Episode #9 – Cruise Blues

Watashi datte karega hoshii! Goukasen no wana!

[I Want a Boyfriend, Too! Trap of Cruise Ship!]

Jedite and one of his yoma host a dream vacation boat cruise to drain the
love energies from the passengers. Raye uses the pair of tickets she wins to invite
Amy on the cruise, while Serena, using the Luna Pen, disguises herself as a
photographer and sneaks aboard the ship. When the Sailor Scouts discover
Jedite’s evil plans, they destroy the yoma and rescue the passengers.

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Episode #10 – Fight to the Finish

Onnanokoha danketsuyo! Jadeite no saigo!

[The Girls are in Unison! The End of Jadeite!]

Afrer failing Queen Beryl numerous times, Jedite is given one final chance to
gather energy for the Negaverse. Jedite projects his image over the city and
challenges the Sailor Scouts to a battle, hoping that he will finally be able to
destroy them. When the Scouts arrive at the airport, Jedite chases them with
airplanes that are under his magical control. Sailor Mars places a charm on it,
however, which causes the planes to reverse their course and follow him. whem
Jedire returns to the Negaverse defeated once again, Queen Beryl shows no
mercy and puts him in an eternal sleep. Command of the energy-gathering
operation is turned over to Nephlite.

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Episode #11 – Matchpoint for Sailor Moon

Aratanaru kyouteki, Nephrite mano monshou!

[A New Formidable Enemy, the Evil Coat of Arms Nephrite!]

Nephlite explains to Queen Beryl how he plans to harvest energy from individual
humans instead of going after large groups, like Jedite did. Posing as millionaire
Maxfield Stanton, Nephlite puts a yoma in a tennis racket belonging to
Katie, Molly’s friend. The yoma fills Katie with negative energy, growing in
strength from the girl’s obsession with tennis. Once Katie’s energy has reached its
peak, the yoma is released from the racket. Sailor Moon arrives on the
scene just in time, and with Tuxedo Mask’s help, they defeat the yoma.

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Episode #12 – An Unnatural Phenomena

Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu date!

[Usagi upset! Rei-chan’a first date!]

Raye corners Darien and forces him to take her on a date in the park. Meanwhile,
Nephlite has chosen the park’s gardener to be the next energy source for the
Negaverse. The park animals run wild and attack people while under control of the
yoma that is feeding from the gardener’s energy. Raye leaves Darien and
meets up with Serena and Amy. The three transform into Sailor Scouts, destroy
the yoma, and rescue the gardener.

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Episode #13 – Wedding Day Blues

Junpaku dress no yume! Usagi hanayome ni naru!

[Pure Whit Dress Dream! Usagi Becomes a Bride!]

Still intent on gathering energy for the Negaverse, Nephlite sets his sights on
Serena’s home economics teacher, Miss Lambert. Nephlite puts a yoma
into the material that Miss Lambert uses to make her wedding dress before she
enters the dress into a sewing contest. Raye and Serena want to enter the contest
as well, and Serena uses the Luna Pen to create her wedding dress. During the
contest, the yoma is released from Miss Lambert’s dress. The Scouts arrive
on the scene to destroy the Negaverse servant and to stop Nephlite from gathering
any more energy.

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Episode #14 – Shutter Bugged

Model ha Usagi? Yoma camera no nessha!

[Usagi is a Model? Focus of Demon Camera]

Peter Fisher, a student at Raye’s school, is an award winning photography student.
Peter holds a modelling contest that Serena is determined to win, though she
recieves little encouragement from Darien. When she arrives, Serena discovers
that Peter’s camera has been possessed by one of Nephlite’s yoma. Sailor
Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Luna are all captured, forcing Sailor Moon to destroy the
yoma and saver her friends by herself.

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Episode #15 – Dangerous Dollies

Shingo no junjyou! Kanashimi no France ningyou!

[Singo’s Love! Sorrow French Doll!]

The next victim of Nephlite’s is a doll designer named Mika, who happens to be
Sammy Tsukino’s girlfriend. Sammy accidentally breaks one of Mika’s dolls, but
she refuses to listen to his apolagy while she is under the influence of the
Negaverse. When Serena takes Sammy to a doll fair to help him make up with his
girlfriend, the yoma is released from Mika’s doll. Tuxedo Mask helps the
Sailor scouts destroy the dark servant and reunite Sammy with Mika.

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Episode #16 – Who is that Masked Man

Usagi kangeki! Tuxedo Kamen no love letter!

[Usagi’s so Happy! Tuxedo Kamen’s Love Letter!]

Nephlite plans to trap sailor Moon byu luring her inro the open under the disguise
of Tuxedo Mask. Nephlite’s plan goes down the drain though when he mistakes
Molly for Sailor Moon. When the real Sailor Moon arrives to rescue Molly, Nephlite
summons a yoma and launches an attack. Tuxedo Mask arrives on the
scene and foils Nephlite’s plans, escaping with Sailor Moon.

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Episode #17 – An Animated Mess

Kodomotachino yumemamore! Anime ni musubu yuujou!

[Protect the Dreams of Children! The Friendship bound in Anime!]

Amy finds come animation cells for the next sailor V movie that belongs to an
animation artist named Lori. Two yoma get put into Lori’s pencil which are
feeding on her passionate energy for drawing. Eventually the yoma twins
are released from the pencil and confront the Sailor Scouts. The twins are immune
to attacks from sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury, requiring the Scouts to combine
their attacks to defeat the dark sevants.

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Episode #18 – Worth a Princess’s Ransom

Gekkano romance! Usagi no hatsu kiss!

[Romance Under Moon! Usagi’s First Kiss!]

Queen Beryl instructs Nephlite to begin searching for a powerful magical item,
known as the Imperium Silver Crystal. She believes it may be owned by the
Princess Diamond, whose royal family just arrived in Tokyo. Luna suspects that
Princess may be the Moon Princess for whom the Scouts have been searching,
and sends Serena, Amy, and Raye to investigate. Nephlite pssesses the Princess,
and tries to steal the family’s royal crystal. The Scouts and Tuxedo Mask rescue
Princess Diamond from Nephlite, but discover that shi is not the Moon Princess,
nor is the gem the Imperium Silver Crystal.

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Episode #19 – Molly’s Folly

Nagareboshini negaiwo! Naru-chan no junai!

[Wishing on a Shooting Star! Naru-chan’s Pure Love]

Nephlite creates the star crystal to help him find the Inperium silver crystal, while his
rival, Zoycite, sends a yoma to keep an eye on him. Serena tries to convince
Molly that Maxfield Stanton is not a guy with whom she should be getting involved,
but Molly finds it too diffucult to follow her advice. When Nephlite asks Molly if she
has seen the Imperium Silver Crystal, Molly gives him a valuable stone from her
mother’s store. Zoycite’s yoma attacks Nephlite when it sees the crystal, and
would have killed Molly had Nephlite not saved her life. The Sailor Scouts destroy
the yoma, and Serena attempts to destroy Nephlite with her tiara, but Molly
stands in it’s path to protect Nephlite. To avoid hitting her friend, Serena
demonstrates the ability to stop her tiara in midflight.

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Episode #20 – A Friend in Wolf’s Clothing

Naru-chan goukyuu! Nephrite ainoshi!

[Naru-chan’s Tears! Death of Nephrite for Love!]

Knowing that Sailor Moon is somehow connected with Molly, Nephlite executes a
plan that reveals her secret identity. Meanwhile, Molly is kidnapped by Zoycite’s
yoma, in order to draw Nephlite into a trap. Nephlite realizes that he truly
cares for Molly and comes to her rescue, only to be killed later in a surprise attack.
The Sailor Scouts arrive in time to destroy Zoycite’s yoma but not in time to
save Nephlite. Molly is left in tears as Zoycite takes off with Nephlite’s Star Crystal.

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Episode #21 – Jupiter Comes Thundering In

Koisuru kairiki shojo, Jupiter-chan!

[Power Girl in Love, Jupiter-chan!]

Queen Beryl sends Zoycite to retrieve the seven Rainbow Crystals trapped in
different human bodies, in order to release the seven Shadow Warriors of the
Negaverse. Meanwhile, Serena makes friends with Lita, a new student at
Crossroads Junior High, who is also an amazing cook. Later in the Day, Lita and
another student, Game Machine Joe, are attacked by Zoycite. Joe turns into a
Shadow Warrior when Zoycite pulls the first Rainbow Crystal from his body. When
the Sailor Scouts arrive to battle the yoma, the four sign appears on Lita’s
forehead showing that she is Sailor Jupiter, and Luna gives her a transformation
pen and tells her how to transform. Luna also gives Serena the Cresent Moon
Wand to change the victim back into his original form as a human.

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Episode #22 – The Power of Friendship

naru-chan ni egaowo! Usagi no yuujou!

[Smile, Naru-chan! Usagi’s Friendship!]

Serena, Molly, and Melvin go for a walkto try and get Molly’s mind off of Nephlite’s
death. During their trip, Molly speaks to a priest to see if he can help her deal with
her loss. Their discussion is cut short bu Zoycite, who has identified the priest as
the seccond Rainbow Crystal carrier. The priest becomes a yoma when his
Crystal is taken, forcing Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter to confront him. Tuxedo
Mask, who has been commanded in his dreams by a mysterious stranger to also
find the Rainbow Crystals, arrives to battle Zoycite for the second Crystal. The
Priest is eventually healed by Sailor Moon, but Zoycite escapes. Tuxedo Mask also
disappears, leaving behind a mysterious Star Locket that Serena finds on the

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Episode #23 – Mercury’s Mental Match

Ami-chan he no koi!? Marai yochi no shonen!

[Love for Ami-chan?! A Boy who Sees the Future!]

Zoycite learns that the next Rainbow Crystal carrier is a boy named Greg, who just
transferred to Amy’s class. Greg befriends Amy and tells her that he can predict
the future, and knows that she is Sailor Mercury. Greg begs Sailor Mercury to
destroy him, knowing that Zoycite will extract his crystal and turn him into a
yoma. When Greg’s predictions come true, the Sailor Scouts arrive to
restore his humanity. Unfortunately, Greg must then say goodbye to Amy when his
father is transferred to another city.

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Episode #24 – AnArtful Attack

Koino irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?

[The Illustration of Love, Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?]

Loni Lanai, or Peggy Jones, is a popular new artist who recruits Darien and
Serena to be models for her newest painting. Zoycite soon arrives to steal the
Rainbow Crystal that resides inside Peggy’s body. During the battle with Zoycite
and the yoma who was once Peggy, Sailor Moon saves Tuxedo Mask from
Zoycite’s attack. Nevertheless, Tuxedo Mask refuses to hand over the Rainbow
Crystal he has recovered, leaving Sailor Moon and the other Scouts wondering
where Tuxedo Mask’s loyalty lies.

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Episode #25 – Too Many Girlfriends

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #26 – Grandpa’s Follies

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #27 – Kitty Chaos

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #28 – Tuxedo Melvin

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #29 – Sailor V Makes the Scene

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #30 – A Crystal Clear Destiny

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #31 – A Reluctant Princess

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #32 – Bad Hair Day

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #33 – Little Miss Manners

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #34 – Ski Bunny Blues

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #35 – Ice Princess

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #36 – Last resort

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #37 – Tuxedo Unmasked

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #38 – Fractious Friends

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #39 – The Past Returns

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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Episode #40 – Day of Destiny

Sorry, I’m still working on this one!

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