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Christy Miller December 20, 2010

The Christy Miller Series

By Robin Jones Gunn

The book that helps YOU get closer to GOD

These are the books I have read so far…

Summer Promise – Never had one season held so much hope… or so much heartache.

Christy spends the summer at the beach with her wealthy aunt and uncle. Will she do something she will later regret?

A Whisper and a Wish – Sometimes one quiet word changes everything…

Christy is convinced that dreams do come true when her family moves to California and the cutest gut in school shows some interest in her.

Yours Forever – Some dreams stay for a day, others last for a lifetime.

Fifteen-year-old Christy does everything in her power to win Todd’s attention.

Surprise Endings – When it comes to your heart, you never know what will happen.

Christy tries out to be a cheerleader, learns a classmate is out to get her, and schedules two dates for the same night.


And these are the ones I haven’t…

Island Dreamer

It’s an incredible tropical adventure when Christy celebrates her sixteenth birthday on Maui.

A Heart Full of Hope

A dazzling dream date, a wonderful job, a great car. And lots of freedom! Christy has it all. Or does she?

True Friends

Christy sets out with the ski club and discovers the group is thinking of doing something more than hitting the slopes

Starry Night

Christy is torn between going to the Rose Bowl Parade with her friends or on a surprise vacation with her family.

Seventeen Wishes

Christy is off to summer camp – as a counselor for a cabin of wild fifth-grade girls.

A Time to Cherish

A surprise houseboat trip! Her senior year! Lots of friends! Life couldn’t be better for Christy until…

Sweet Dreams

Christy’s dreams become reality when Todd finally opens his heart to her. But her relationship with her best friend goes downhill fast when Katie starts dating Michael, and Christy has doubts about their relationship.

A Promise is Forever

On a European trip with her friends, Christy finds in duffucult to keep her mind off Todd. Will God bring them back together?


Here are some summaries from the books I have read…

a Wisconsin farm to a California Beach… From a measly allowance to unlimited
shoppong sprees… From an uncomplicated life to a highly sophisticated one…
These are the head-spinning changes that lead to Christy Miller’s…

Summer Promise

14 year-old Christy leaves her family’s Wisconsin farm to spend the summer
at her wealthy aunt and uncle’s back home in Newport, California, she realizes
this could be the best summer of her life. Her aunt is bending over backward
to see that Christy’s every wish is granted, the popular beach crowd is
actually talking to her, and she catches the attention of a cute surfer
named Todd.

But the summer doesn’t turn out as Christy hoped. Suddenly, she is faced
with choices she’s never had to make before, and the safe world that she’s
always known comes crashing down around her. Through it all, Christy struggles
to keep her promise to her parents not to do anything she’ll regret. But
will she stop at nothing to get Todd, to be accepted, and to force her
summer to give her everything it promised?

to the titles

Miller is convinced dreams do come true! What other explanation could there
be for her family’s sudden decision to move from Wisconsin to California? But
Christy soon learns there’s another side to this new life, which leads her to…

A Whisper and a Wish

Fifteen-year-old Christy is thrilled that her family is moving to California!
She’ll be right back at the beach with all her friends from last summer.
But her dreams of a beach reunion are dashed when she learns her family
will be living in an obscure town farther inland. Christy has to start
all over again, meeting new friends, and trying to fit in.

At first, things seem to be going well. She is accepted by a group of
popular girls, which launches her social life, and one of the most gorgeous
guys at school seems interested in her. But while her new friends are
fun, some of them are facing prolems that Christy doesn’t know how to
deal with – including a run-in with the police. As disappointments grow
and things spin out of control, will Christy turn to God for help? Will
her dreams and wishes come true?

to the titles

romantic picnic on the beach, a dreamy ice-skating party, a New Year’s kiss
– Christy has the ultimate Christmas break planned. Then she learns it takes more
than careful planning for a gut to promise he is…

Yours Forever

Christy can’t wait to spend her Christmas vacation back in Newport Beach
with her friends from last summer. Even before she arrives, all she can
think about is arranging her schedule so she can spend every minute with
Todd. But her vacation fantasies turn to failures whan all her careful
planning alienates one of her best friends, makes Todd mad at her, and
insults her aunt.

Will Christy figure out how to handle all her mixed emotions and mend
these frayed relationships? Will her friends – and God – show her the
true meaning of “yours forever”?

to the titles

do you get when you combine cheerleading tryouts, two dates for the same night,
and a fifteen-year-old’s yearnings for fun and love?

Surprise Endings

Christy Miller is determined that things are going to go her way this
spring. Her heart is set on becoming a cheerleader, and with all the practice
she’s put in, she’s sure she can pass the tough tryouts. What’s even more
exciting is that the prom is just around the corner, and Christy gets
swept away making plans for her dress, the dinner, and the entire event.

But her dreams turn to bitter disappointment when her parents tell her
she won’t be allowed to attend the prom, and Christy watches in tears
as Todd takes another girl. And all her hard wirk for a spot on the cheerleading
squad can’t erase the fact that one of the cheerleaders makes it clear
that Christy isn’t welcome. Can Christy leace a space in her heart for
God to fill, or will she keep looking to others for her happiness?

to the titles

These are all the
Christy Miller books I have read so far. But I will get the next books quickly
and add them to my site, so check back later for more updates! And remember, God
is with you, forever.



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