In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Happy BDAY krissy!!! (Original poster: Kristin's sister Cheyenne) October 2, 2010

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hey kristin and family…. happy bday!! its hard to imagine that you would be 24 today!!! I think… but anyway…I wish you were here today so that we could all be together and just chilling by the pool. I miss you so much and I wish everyday that you could come back. But i just have to wit for the day that we meet again in heaven. SAy hi to Abby and Daddy too!!! maybe Rita is up there somewhere too. Probably wondering around chasing something I’m sure. I sent a balloon up to you not to long ago. hope you got it. Well I love you and I’m remembering all of the things we did and things you tought me today especially. Send your love down to mommy…she could really use it right now. and watch over amber too…we dont know where her life has taken her but I’m sure that she hasn’t forgotten about you. I miss you tons and love you soo much its hard to believe that I’ll be 18 in 6 months!! scary…but its coming. Well I wish you were here so I could see your shinning face and I wish I could just hug you and kiss you until we both were rolling on the floor in tears from laughing so hard!!!! love you tons!!ᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒᄁᄒ
love your sister,


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