In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

 Please sign the guestbook! December 28, 2009

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  1. Scott Hilkemeyer Says:


    I spoke with Taryn last night and wanted to share a memory of Kristin I had.

    In 7th Grade (I think Ms. Dean’s class.. my brain is a bit foggy!), we were introduced to a computer game called Zork. If you need a refresher or don’t know what this game is, follow this link to get the rough jist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm2lNsuSDqM

    Anyways, so Zork was a text based game where you had different objectives to beat. Since there were no visuals and only text, you had to make a physical map on paper of the game, with your commands and directions as you went along.

    The majority of the class (especially me) was puzzled and lost at this game, and did not take very good notes. The teacher and whatever person was helping her had partnered us up into groups of 2/3 but also allowed the entire glass to work as a team if they wanted.

    In one of the classes, Kristin beat the game with her team. She had mapped out all of the moves on a piece of paper and could trace them back. More importantly, since she did that, she could recreate the path to the end! So, Kristin got in front of class one and took the class step-by-step, from the start, through all of the commands to the game and eventually helped all of us beat the game! I know I was impressed, and I could tell that the teachers knew she was a leader.

    All of my memories about Kristin are similar; she was extremely talented, bright, and had an infectious smile. Although I was not close to her, I was fortunate enough to share the stage with her at the 5th grade talent show and enjoy her company in many of my classes.

    I will continue to send love, strength and prayers to her and to her family. Taryn, thanks again for talking last night and thank you for managing this beautiful website with so many fond memories.

    Scott H, 1.28.18

  2. Hope in UT Says:

    Today was a great day playing games with family. I remember how Kristin enjoyed game time with family of all ages. Looking forward to the day when we will all be reunited with joy again-maybe game time will be something we’ll do then!

  3. Grandpa & Grandma Says:

    So sad you were not with our family on Friday, it was a beautiful 65th celebration, and you were missed. https://www.facebook.com/GodSHolinessAndRighteousness/videos/1119929838151581/

  4. Mary Browder Says:

    Thinking of you today Taryn. My prayers are with your family.

  5. Grandpa & Grandma Says:

    Just picturing you Kristin with a happy face and beautiful smile welcoming family and friends as they join you…a month ago it was Allison who left her body of pain and entered the heavenly gates. May God bless those left behind, we look forward to an awesome reunion.

  6. Laurie Says:

    I was fortunate to spend some time with you. You met and played with my children. It was wonderful to watch you play on the trampoline.

  7. hopeinutah Says:

    We were thinking about KK on the 29th while her Uncle C. R. & I were downtown celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful and sweet memory-our adorable nieces and nephew, stealing the show on our special day. Kristin’s cousin, Haley, didn’t appreciate all her curls that I requested, but I thought both Kristin and Haley looked precious. And Marcus was such a handsome little man! Someday, there will be a wonderful wedding-when the bridegroom returns for His bride. What a glorious day that will be when we’ll get to see our beautiful Kristin again…and maybe cousin Haley won’t mind her curls. 😉

  8. Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Gigi Says:

    Kristin, the puzzle Amy mentioned above in 2013 is under the bed in the guestroom…still unfinished! More than anything in the world I wish you were here standing at our dining room table helping him to finish it! Taryn, I pray God will continue to uplift you and give you comfort, especially on days like this. Much love,

  9. hopeinutah Says:

    Haley says Kristin would have been 30 today. Oh my! I can hardly believe it. I remember meeting Kristin for the first time when she was already a few months old since I was away at college. Those 2 months felt like an eternity. Now, my baby is 13 and when I see how she gushes over babies, I can imagine that’s what I was like. What a precious baby Kristin was, and she grew into an amazing young lady. I look forward to spending eternity with her!

  10. Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Gigi Says:

    Kristin, last week when I heard that a dear friend left this world and entered eternity my mind began to wander and I could picture you welcoming him, taking his hand and guiding him through the streets of gold. This made me smile through tears. Today the family you love and that loves you is having a fun event and you will be there with us in spirit.

  11. Aunt S Says:

    I don’t normally watch The Voice, but this evening I saw and heard a talented young man sing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and I thought of you, Kristin. In our darkest moments, God provided our family “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”. I especially liked how the vocalist was centered on the black stage with a bright light off in the distance behind him. Reminds me of the many nights I stood alone in my back yard looking up at the brilliant stars and moon, just to feel close to you and the Heavens. I will always love you.

  12. Aunt S Says:

    Thinking of Kristin and all her friends and family today. We miss you KK.

  13. Nicolette Says:

    I wanted to let you know that on this day I am thinking of your family and I send all my love to you. I’m sorry that I never got the opportunity to meet Kristin but I will do my best to honor her memory this year.

    -Nicolette Bacus 2015 Arizona State Cinderella Ambassador

  14. Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Gigi Says:

    Taryn we love you so much. Kristin, you would have loved Corbin’s first-year birthday party! I can just picture you holding, hugging, and helping him play with his new toys. Whenever a baby was in the house, you were right there waiting for your turn…and wearing that sweet smile of anticipation. The years have gone by…but missing you never goes away. Remembering you and John in a special way.Lots of love

  15. Oldham 5 Says:

    Remembering Kristin Kay today as I look at some amazing mountains just deciding whether or not they want to share their fall colors. I remember how much Kristin loved to share her time, her gifts and her love. Missing her today and thinking of her!

  16. Stephanie Quimby-Greene Says:

    I attended the Arizona State Cinderella Tot Personality interviews today, and it brought back so many memories of Kristin. With tears in my eyes, precious girl, I will always remember you.

  17. Mary Bigelow Browder Says:

    Taryn, I am sorry to find out about your loss 14 years ago. I just wanted to sign the guest book and let you know that Kristin was a beautiful lady and is with Jesus now waiting for her loved ones to join her in heaven some day. She lived so much more life in her 14 years on earth than many do in an entire life.

  18. Virginia Wiersma Says:

    Taryn, During this season of remembering God’s gift of a Savior, I have been thinking about how much Kristin loved the holidays, especially Christmas, and how much she enjoyed performing with Kids Unlimited at the Zoo Lights, at the malls, at nursing homes and at the Salvation Army meal for the homeless, to name a few. Just want you to know Dad and I are making a donation to Kristin’s Memorial Fund. May God continue to provide comfort and joy to all of us.

  19. Aunt S Says:

    Thinking of Kristin today as we celebrate her life and give thanks for the new baby that joined our family yesterday. Life is indeed very precious. Hugs and love to family and friends near and far. Happy Birthday KK!

  20. Oldham 5 Says:

    Kristin’s cousins are busy adding to our incredible family. She would have enjoyed meeting each of the babies that have been born into our family. Can’t wait to see our Kristin again someday! Thinking of her today and praying for Taryn. Hugs!

  21. Haley Says:

    Happy Birthday Kristin,
    I’m laying in my hospital bed watching my newborn son sleep. He was just hours away from sharing a birthday with you. Corbin Allen Brown was born at 8:58pm on Sept 30, 2014. He is beautiful and I so wish you were here to hold him. I know you are looking out for us and I thank you! We love you!

  22. Virginia Wiersma Says:


    Remembering your birthday, October I, 1986, I am posting again because we remember you always and miss you so very much. I posted the message below here on June 23, 2001, and thought it appropriate to post again.

    “Each day there are many memories that float through my mind…

    My first memory of Kristin is as an infant struggling in the incubator at University Medical Center (we wondered if she would make it or if there might be some disability). We were soon convinced she was totally healthy and wonderful.

    Kristin was a sweet and beautiful tot who loved to be with others, especially other children. She laughed and smiled a lot.

    But then there are memories of her losing and missing her father that she loved and who loved her dearly.

    I remember a beautiful teen thirsting for knowledge and excellence in everything she did, whether it was scholastics, gymnastics, dance, band, voice, teaching other children, and on and on…..

    The flashback I most often have is of Kristin, leaving our home after a visit, and always wanting to stand back-to-back to see if she was as tall as I…and she did pass me up with great joy.

    Kristin blessed our lives and I look forward to a heavenly reunion. I do not have the answer to why Kristin died. I do know that some day WE WILL BE REUNITED, and then the whys will not matter. In the meantime, I go on day by day clinging to the verse I learned so many years ago, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5,6

    Thank you to our family and friends who visit this site to share memories of Kristin and give us encouragement. We hope it is an encouragement to you as well.”


    Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Gigi (GG stands for great-grandma)

  23. cheybee Says:

    Krissy….where do I even begin…. I wish more than ever that you were here so I didnt have to look like im crazy when I try to talk to you… I miss you so much… im so lost. Its like I dont even know who I am anymore… I used to know exactly what I wanted with my life. I wanted to graduate from college and go on to do something important with my life but now? What do I have to show for this so called “life” of mine. What happened to the old days where all we did was sing? Or dance? I miss kids unlimited so much its crazy. They used to be my second family, now its like they are complete strangers….im walking through life completelt lost and depressed and all I want at the end of my day is one more song to sing or dance with you. Heck even if I was singing and dancing in honor of you but instead all ive amounted to is a high school graduate with no money no house and no future. Or at least it seems that way. What do I do? Where do I go from here? Is it even possible to get my life back and make mom and everyone proud of me again? Im just so lost and dont know where to go…I wish there was a giant neon sign pointing me in the right direction! Im alone. Stranded by myself with nowhere to turn and nowhere to go. Since you left I lost more than just my sister….I lost my family, my path, my other sister, and most of all….my dreams. Thank god for mom….if it wasnt for her I dont think I would have made it this far….help me krissy! I love you, your the best big sister anyone could ever have!

  24. The Oldham 5 Says:

    Thinking about our Kristin today. Grandpa Chuck, Josiah and Daniel started a 2014 piece puzzle this morning. I bet you would have been at the table with them! Miss you lots.

  25. Grandma & Grandpa) Says:

    Our dear sweet Kristin, words could not express how much you are loved and missed.

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