In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Happy b-day sis!! (Original poster: Kristin's sister Cheyenne) October 2, 2008

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Hey Kristin I cant believe your 22 today!! I miss you so much it is hard to think of everything I got to do with you!! I wish Amber was here to celebrate with us. I wish you could have met our baby she is sure cute!! I think about you all the time and you come up often in our bible studies with my church. I wish you were still here, we all miss you so much. I know your having fun with your daddy and jesus. But I have a question could you send down some of your love we could really use some. I’ve been really busy lately and just got excepted into a group called breakdown, you would have liked it. I’ve also been really confused with the things around me so if you could tell Jesus I could use some answers right about now that would be great. I wish I could see your smiling face all the time. I really miss you Kristin, you left at the wrong time! Mom could really use you right now. We all could. All your cousins you wont meet until they come see you are sure cute!!! you remian in my prayers everynight and I see you in everything I do. But I could really use some answers on my homework right now!! Stop slacking start helping again!! lol I wish you were here to help me with all my school and I wish you were here to help us through everything the sister you wanted put us through. You were always really good at picking up the pieces and putting me back together. although you still are the missing piece. Well I think I’ll stop torturing you with all of this and get to bed. Love you sis!! =D Happy Birthday!!

Love your sister,
Cheyenne Kay


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