In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Sadness (Original poster: Stephanie Quimby-Greene) December 17, 2005

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Dear Kristin,
Today is the memorial celebrating little Abby’s life. It is difficult for me because it brings back so many memories of losing you.
Your mother, bless her heart, knows how I get lost, and emailed me detailed instructions of how to find the church in Chandler. She set up the instructions to include what I do from the minute I walk out of my house until I get there! (Turn north off Bromley St., etc.) I am sitting here, with tears in my eyes thinking of you as a little girl, remembering doing your hair, tieing bows on your beautiful dresses and how you used to laugh.
I just realized, today, when I was reading through Taryn’s directions, that the memorial was in the evening. Logan’s band has a show at Skrappy’s tonight, and on December 7th there was a large fight there, with one young man shot to death and another with his head cracked open. I realize Logan still has to play the gig, but, as a mom, I have to be there because of the shooting. I realize there is nothing I could do if another fight breaks out, but at least I’d be there if there is shooting.
I am thinking of Amy, Virginia and Taryn, as well as all members of the Oldham and Wiersma families, and the pain they are going through. I know you and your dad will take good care of precious little Abby, and help make things easier for your family still here on earth.
I love you,



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