In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Bright moonlit night (Original poster: Shelly L.) October 18, 2005

Filed under: The forum from the old website — Taryn @ 7:59 am

I don’t know what tonight looks like where you live, but I just came back inside after enjoying a few solitary moments under a gorgeous, bright moonlit sky. The temperature out is ideal, the air smells fresh. Out in the middle of my lawn, I just stood staring up at the full moon and gave thanks to God for the memory of Kristin and the promise of one day being with her again. I, too, thanked the father of the heavens for the miracle of birth — Haley’s perfect little boy, Caleb, my grandson! I also prayed for God to demonstrate his miraculous healing power for little Abby who has been so faithfully and bravely fighting brain tumors for nearly 18 months. You don’t have to pray with your eyes closed; it doesn’t have to be anything formal. Just gaze to the sky, speak your heart, and watch the stars wink back at you in approval. God bless each of you.


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