In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

It's been four years (Original poster: Ashley Condrey) May 18, 2004

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It’s been four years sience Kristin left us to be with her heavenly father and her earthly father. there is so much i wish i could tell her i mean im at the age(16) where im dating and going to homecoming and prom and driving, and i can’t tell her about them i can’t call her and hear her voice or email her and recieve a answer. I loved talking to Kristin so much we were like sisters we would have fun together and fight and for the past four years i haven’t had her around to talk to. I miss her so much! I know she is up in heaven watching me and she knows everything going on but its not the same i can’t tell her. yes i love her mom and sisters but i can’t talk to them like i could Kristin. she was 2 years older than me and i think that is why we were close. i wish i could just see her for an hour just to tell her what’s going on in my life. i looked up to Kristin so much and was even jealous of her at one point because she was so good at so many things and i was only a cheerleader at the time. thanks to Kristin i do much more to occupy my time like im in a christian band and i spend tons of my time at church and helping with children with disabilitites. the one thing me and Kristin had in common the most was our love for children and how we both wanted to grow up to be teachers. when i become a teacher i will dedicate my success to her because with out her in my life i might of never relaized how many things i am really good at. i miss her coming down during the summer and i miss having her around. I will never forget her and i will never forget everything she has and will do for me. When i think about Kristin i smile because she was so cool and such a role model in my life thanks Kristin. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU.
Ashley Condrey


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