In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

greetings from VA! (Original poster: stephanie and valeri copperman) July 19, 2003

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hello everyone! this is stephanie copperman, and i am logged onto this site with my mother’s e-mail because i seem to have forgotten my password! oh well, i am just happy to be writting on here again! i have been meaning to visit this site and post a message. things in VA have been very hectic…a ton is going on. it seems so wierd that it has been a little over a year since i have moved, and yet each day is filled with so much, it might as well be a month! sure feels like a month. i am coming to visit very soon. i think its Aug. 6th or 7th. as always, i have been thinking about kristin. things just happen where i am constantley reminded of her. TO KRISSY– hey babe! i miss you like u will never ever know. every morning when i wake up and sit down to do my makeup and hair (haha i know i know) i see you smiling right back at me. your beautiful picture is framed on my desk, and it is the one face and smile that gets me thro the day! i also wanted to say thank you. i believe that you had a part in my role in my school play of Grease. being an underclassmen, i wasnt going to get anything special, but the director re-wrote the play and gave me a solo. that solo was “raining on prom night”! i remeber when u did that song with your class at KU, and how much we loved singing it together back stage in the dressing room. i sung that song every time for u! another thing is- happy sweet 16th! hope you got my message and balloon 🙂 i just think about all the times we used to count down the days till we were 16 and then we **could drive**! well i hope you are having a great time behind the wheel, as i am sure you are. i got my car and i hate the fact that we cant go crusing together! but i know that you are with me singing along to all those road songs, and driving around, watching over me and protecting me. thank you again for that as well. i am meeting tons of people here, (boys too!) best friends and all, but none can compare to u! best friends forever! i dont know if you know, but you saved a life. one of my best friends was depressed, and talked about commiting suicide. i told her that losing a best friend is the worst thing in the world, and told her about you. it convinced her, and she got help, and is doing great now. thank you for watching over me as always and i miss you ever so much! i love u!!!!! TO TARYN AND THE GIRLS–i hope you are all doing great! i miss you soo much 2! i hope that the last KU show went great..i cant wait till i can see the tape! please take care, and im sure i will talk to you soon. see you when i come back! love you bunches! TO EVERYONE ELSE–my love goes out to everybody and i miss you all! enjoy the rest of your summer…c ya soon! LOVE ALWAYS


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Stephanie (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma)So good to get this update from you. I really miss you and hope to see you during your visit. We look forward to hearing all about your busy last year and new school. See you soon.Hugs,Virginia

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