In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

A note to Natalie (Original poster: Shelly L.) May 14, 2003

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Hey girl,

Hear you have a big day coming up… Congratulations!! How did you grow up so fast???



2 Responses to “A note to Natalie (Original poster: Shelly L.)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Aunt Shelly! (Original poster: Natalie Greene)I guess it’s been just over a week now that I’ve been an actual “college graduate.” Ahhh!!!! I am simultaneously frightened and thrilled, it’s great.I will be moving to San Francisco to pursue my dance career sometime in the next few months. We’ll see how it goes. :)I’m always thinking of Kristin, my lost little sister, and hoping that she’s watching over all of us down here who miss her so dearly.Lots of love to all of my wonderful extended family members,Natalie

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations on what? (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma)Shelly, what do you know that we don’t?Natalie, are you graduating from college already? It seems like yesterday that we had such enjoyment when Taryn and Kristin brought over a video of you (about age 7) singing “Rocky Top.” Kristin wanted us to play it over and over again. You were her idol.Let us know what your future plans are. Best wishes for success in whatever you plan to do.Love,Chuck & Virginia

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