In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Ice Skating Party (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma) February 23, 2003

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Dear Kristin,

You would have had such fun today, I can just picture the happiness on your face. You will be greatly missed!



2 Responses to “Ice Skating Party (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Aunt Shelly (Original poster: Rich Wiersma)What a nice time the skating party was. I only wish my knee would have been up to an attempt. How you find time to plan these events with all the other roles you play (wife, mom, administrative assistant, home remodeler) is beyond me. You are special for sharing your time so unselfishly. God bless you. Love, Kristin’s Uncle Rich (and Aunt Shelly’s brother!)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Cousins’ Day ’03 (Original poster: Shelly L.)Cousins’ Day didn’t take place the last couple of years. Prior to that, we’ve gone to the miniature golf/go-cart park and rock climbing. This year we tried something totally different. Cousins’ Day 2003 was spent ice skating. The little ones who had never skated before were very brave to get out there and give it a try. It was impressive to see how well they were doing by the end of the afternoon! The bigger kids were so helpful and attentive to their little cousins. Everyone, from toddler to Grandpa, seemed to have a good time skating. Thanks to the aunts, uncles and grandparents for coming along, helping out, and making it a fun and memorable day. Thanks for the cake, Grandma.”Only a Memory Away”

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