In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE (Original poster: Allison Robertson) October 1, 2002

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Dear Taryn, Girls and Family:

My mom reminded me that today was Kristin’s Birthday and I thought I would drop a note to everyone. Today is a day when all of us will remember Kristin fondly because it was such a special day 16 years ago. I know that she is celebrating in Heaven and just think of the beautiful music she must be listening to. Taryn, I want you to know that I’m thinking about you most of all because it is not only a happy day because of the birth of Kristin, but also a sad day in that you are missing Kristin so much. I was never able to spend a birthday with Kristin because we lived so far apart, but I will always remember her vitality, spunk, beautiful face and wonderful presence. She was and is such a big part of our family (even those of us who live far away) and can remember stories about her great birthday parties. I always remember the neat costumes Taryn made for Halloween and such.

To everyone I wish you much happiness today and just wanted you all to know that Aunt Kay, Aunt Helen and Allison are thinking of you all. We love all of you! Most of all, Taryn, I want to say that you have done an excellent job in keeping Kristin’s memory alive. This website is beautiful and the pictures are wonderful. This is the best birthday gift you ever gave Kristin because it is helping other people express themselves in ways they have not before. Kristin would give you a “thumbs up!”

Happy Birthday Kristin, we miss and love you dearly.



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