In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Birthday remembrances (Original poster: Shelly L.) September 23, 2002

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With October 1st approaching, I am again reminded of Kristin’s wonderful past birthday celebrations. This morning I was looking through my memory box and I found a bunch of invitations to her birthday parties.

Here’s what I found:

1st birthday was a swim party held 10/3/87 at her Coriander house

2nd birthday was again a swim party held 10/1/88 at Coriander

3rd birthday was also a swim party on 10/1/89 at Coriander

I can’t find a card for 4th or 5th

6th birthday was celebrated 10/4/92 at Mehl Park

I can’t find a card for 7th

8th birthday was a baseball and water balloon party on 10/2/94 at Mehl Park

I can’t find a card for 9th or 10th

11th birthday was held 10/4/97 at McCormick Park and included volleyball playing

I can’t find a card for 12th thru 14th, but I know the 14th was a swim party at her Orange Grove house.

Can anybody fill in any of the missing details?


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kristin’s Birthday (Original poster: Virginia Wiersma)As you know, my memory hasn’t been very good but I’ll give this some thought. Did you include the swim party at their home on Skyline, seems I remember a big popcorn machine or something.Your post reminded me of how happy Kristin always was and how excited to decide what kind of a party she would like. It seems that Taryn would give some suggestions, but would let Kristin make the final decision. Kristin’s eyes would sparkle when she told us what kind of a party she was having and all the fun she and her friends would have. My thoughts and prayers are with Taryn, Amber and Cheyenne especially during this time.Kristin, I love you and am so glad we have such wonderful memories to hold dear until we meet again.Grandma

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