In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Thinking of Kristin and family (from very far away) (Original poster: Natalie Greene) January 7, 2002

Filed under: The forum from the old website — Taryn @ 9:52 pm

Hello all. It has been a strange few weeks in my life but I am almost settled here in Spain. I will spend the rest of the semester studying in Granada and then travel about for the whole summer.

I was showing some other study abroad students my photo album last night and I came to several pictures of Kristin. Later on I went back and looked at them by myself, and I can´t believe we´ve been without her for a year now. I think I´ll bring Kristin´s memory along with me wherever I travel; both because I miss her and because I could use her cautious eye watching over me.

I think this is a wonderful tribute site and I hope everyone keeps posting regularly. I also hope the holidays treated everyone as well as can be expected. I had the pleasure of being woken up early in the morning to watch Amber and Cheyenne while my mom and Taryn were last-minute Christmas shopping. The girls were pleasent even after they woke up! (just kidding 🙂 ) Guys, I guess you´ll have to show me the end of Chicken Run when I get home, K?

Hasta luego,


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