In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Happy Birthday (Original poster: Amber Smith) October 2, 2001

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Dear Kristin, I’m so sad that you couldn’t be here on your birthday. We got new shirts with your pictures from Kristen and Meg and some of your other friends. I really miss you. Kristin, please tell your daddy that we are thinking of him and that I wish that he was my dad too and that I wish that I knew him too. For your birthday, Grandma and Grandpa got you an angel that was feeding a horse. It’s pretty. Mom put it in the cabinet in the living room. I really miss you and your daddy and I pray for you. I hope that you can help me in school because you’re the best in the world. Mom, Cheyenne and me are all thinking about you. I wish you could see all of the white doves fly out at the ceremony. Can you tell me when I get up in Heaven if Mel is there too? Slinky is doing well and I think he really misses you like we do. Did you know that we have a fish like Mel at school? I just want to see you one more time but I can’t. I will just have to wait because you are up in Heaven with God and Jesus. I really miss you. Love, Amber


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