In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

thinking of you (Original poster: lindsey smith) September 19, 2001

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hi taryn, amber and cheyenne:

i wanted to say hi and i am thinking of you all, i just got to the website for the first time today. pam sent me the url.

amber, i am not sure if you remember me, you were 5 when we met. i am your cousin, i live in virginia. remember we went to ride roller coasters together? i remember you liked my tongue ring a lot.
kristin’s dad was my dad’s brother. i always felt a special bond with kristin since we both lost our dads when we were little. my heart is still with her every day, and i think of her more like a sister than a cousin. i have a new baby now, his name is ethan. so you have a new cousin! i hope you can meet him soon, he is 5 months old and is getting ready to crawl around and get into a lot of trouble. you know how boys are.
cheyenne, i am your cousin too and i hope i can meet you soon. take good care of your mom and amber for me. i can already tell you are doing a great job.
taryn, i miss you, and i hope you are doing well. i think of you often. ethan is thriving, and mick and i hope to get out there with him to visit. we were talking about this winter, but we’ll see how things go. i am not so sure i could even get on a plane any more, and our vacation time is slim. but grandmom is dying to see the baby so maybe we can make the rounds – she is in tombstone now.
if you need anything at all, let me know. i am moving in 2 weeks and have 2 extra bedrooms at the house – you are all welcome at any time. i know we will catch up at some time, and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
i love you!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    give my love (Original poster: lindsey smith)kristin,i love and miss you dearly. i am so sorry we couldn’t be together more, so sorry i couldn’t be more a part of your journey through life. please give your daddy a kiss (i miss you uncle john) and your uncle wayne too (i love you daddy). i hope you all are waiting for me when we meet again.i see all of us in ethan (daddy, uncle john, kristin, me). i think it must be those smith eyes. i relive memories of feeding you in your high chair when i was just a little girl, every time ethan opens his mouth and spits out the food! (that was the first time we came to visit you). i think back to when i was 10 and it was all i could do to get the food to go in your mouth and not down your chin. now as before, no luck there! again, it must be those smith babies. and you were a beautiful one.i love you

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