In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

The Kindness Project, Giving life in memory of a life (Original poster: taryn smith) September 12, 2001

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The July Kindness Project Blood Drive has been revived because of the great need of blood due to the tragedies on the east coast today. Please consider donating blood in Kristin’s memory. Thanks to those who donated in July. I have some “Kindness Cards” in Kristin’s name that the blood bank will post or you can let them know that you are making your donation in memory of Kristin Kay Smith and they will give you a card to fill out. Please send me a card or post a mesage here to let us know of your donation.

Below is an e-mail message that I received from the M.I.S.S. Foundation:

As many of you know, our July Blood Drive was highly successful at raising hundreds of pints of
blood all around the United States. Undoubtedly, many of the families who donated will be helping to
save the lives of those injured in the tragedies that occurred today.

We are calling for a revival of the July Kindness Project Blood Drive. Please, go to your local blood bank (look
in your yellow pages) and go and donate blood. Make sure you eat well and are well fluidated before you go.
I donated a pint in July and will be returning again to re-donate. For every pint donated, you can help
to save the lives of 4-8 people. It doesn’t matter ‘where’ you are in the U.S.

“The minimum time between donations is only 59 days. That means
that people who donated for the first half of our blood drive can donate
again. And from what the lady said on the phone, you can specifically
earmark the blood you donate for the tragedies that occurred today. “


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kindness Cards (Original poster: taryn smith)You are right. The cards they have at the blood center are the ones that you have mailed to me. I do understand though that if you bring in a Kindness Card that they have agreed to post them. I will send you one. Also, since you do this on a regular basis you can get 20 cards sent to you for donating during this blood drive. I just realized that I left this part of the message off of my prior post:If you participate, we will send you 20 free Kindness Project cards as a way to say thank you (on the honor system).If you’d like to take advantage of this, please send your letter of request and statement that you donated along witha SASE to:MISS FoundationBlood Drive to Save LivesPO Box 5333Peoria, Az 85385

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Blood donation saves lives (Original poster: Shelly L.)Taryn,As an ongoing tribute to Kristin, I donate blood every chance I can. In fact, I had donated the week before the tragedy struck America. It’s nice to see that they have extended the Kindness Project beyond the month of July to help our fellow Americans. Although I send you a postcard when I donate just to let you know that I am thinking about you and Kristin, my blood center does not have a card to hang up in their office showing that it was done in memory of Kristin. Could you please send me a Kindness Card?

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