In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

not enough time (Original poster: shayna vercillo) July 31, 2001

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It really stinks that I don’t have internet at home. So I have to use somebody elses computer which is not always often. But hopefully I’ll get internet soon. There is never enough time to write everything I want to say like last time when I was rushed. So here it goes.
I always had the most fun at the sleepovers we had. We would stay up till 3:30 and wake up at 8 and jump into the hottub. It was amazing to see all things we had in common like our love for: horese, books, drawing, poetry, japanamation, dancing, singing, shopping, swimming, mythical creatures, and so much more. We also liked the reinassance time period.And that’s why I wish that she could have come to my birthday party at the Reinassance Festival. There was no other person I would rather take. But I guess we can’t have everything we want.I owed to her for all the times I went to her house. She was the one who started my intrest in Sailor Moon. And I will always continue that interest for her. Time is running out again and so it is time for me to go.

hora voir and love always, ( excuse my spelling)
sailor saturn, shayna


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