In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

sailor mercury (Original poster: Shayna Vercillo) July 21, 2001

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I miss you so much. Sailormoon just isn’t the same without you. Down here they took it off the air because it was to expensive to dubb. But lucky for you, you probably get to watch it 24/7. Your webpage is absolutely wonderful and Taryn has done a great job. I’m giving the adress out to all my friends(sailormoon crazed, too). I will always remember are times at Old Tucson. Our so many adventures. Never forget them.

love always n’TTFN TA TA FOR NOW,


p.s.sknurt tsol sih sknurt


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Only A Memory (Original poster: Shelly L.)I have known for a long time that Kristin was crazy about Sailor Moon, but I didn’t know anything about the story line or the characters to understand why she was so fascinated by it. My daughter had told me about the times she and Kristin would go to the mall; Haley would be looking for clothes (of course!), and Kristin would drag her in and out of the many stores in search of anything related to Sailor Moon. In my mind, Sailor Moon was just a television cartoon that Kristin loved (to the extent that if her mom threatened to not let her watch it for some reason, that caught her attention in a big way!) However, I have come to realize it was much more than just a T.V. show to her and her friends.Taryn and I sat in her livingroom just days after the accident looking for some music for the funeral that would be very special and meaningful to Kristin and her friends. Taryn put on Kristin’s Sailor Moon c.d. and to tell you the truth, I never expected to be able to relate to it. Then the song “Only A Memory” came on and we listened to the words. What they mean in the context of the story line, I do not know, but we knew instantly that the song was perfect for Kristin’s memorial service. I remember thinking how surprised and amused Kristin must have felt that night as she watched her mom and her aunt gain an appreciation for Sailor Moon.So, Sailor Saturn and the rest of the gang, here are the words to that song just to remind you that Kristin is only a memory away…I HEAR THE VOICE OF MY DESTINY CALL, AND I KNOW I MUST GO FIND MY WAY;THE HARDEST PART WILL BE LEAVING YOU ALL,AND I’LL MISS YOU MUCH MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY.I’LL BE ONLY A MEMORY AWAY;IF YOU NEED ME,YOU CAN CALL ME ANY TIME OF DAY,AND I’LL BE THERE, IT’S OK,ONLY A MEMORY AWAY.WE’VE BEEN TOGETHER THROUGH GOOD TIMES AND BAD.YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME;I’LL ALWAYS TREASURE THE BEST FRIENDS I HAVE……ETERNALLY!–We love you and miss you, Sailor Mercury!–

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