In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

One of my Kristin memories (Original poster: Rich Wiersma) June 28, 2001

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I remember a night about 5 years ago when Kristin and I attended a U of A Football Game together. I can’t say that Kristin was greatly interested in the game; but she was a good sport and watched it politely and tolerantly. On the other hand, the snacking appealed to her, as did the Halftime Show!
With the start of the second half, a light drizzle began to fall. Many around us left, but we snuggled to stay dry and warm. When I was finally convinced that the rain had no plans to let up for awhile, I asked Kristin if she would like to go home. She said she was fine, but was getting a little sleepy and would like to rest.
Of course, it seemed to take only seconds before she was fast asleep, what with the fresh, crisp, night air and pleasant sound of raindrops tapping the umbrella.
While curled up on my lap, she stayed perfectly dry under our umbrella. Every now and then however, she would stretch out her legs into the weather and so I would have to fold her knees back up to keep her tennies dry.
She looked like a little cherub. The lights played off a sweet, innocent face framed by golden hair escaping from under her hood.
I can’t tell you who the U of A played that night. I don’t even remember who won; but I can still close my eyes and picture her peaceful sleep and gentle breathing.
That was a special time between an uncle and a niece. The Epistle of James states that “every good gift comes from above.” I’m thankful for those memories, and for the assurance that our interaction will resume again someday at God’s appointed time and in the place that He is preparing. We hope you’ll join us. Regards, Uncle Rich


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