In Memory of Kristin Kay Smith, 10/1/1986 – 12/29/2000

Thanks for the website (Original poster: Natalie Greene) July 11, 2001

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I think this site is amazing. More than just the stories and writings, it’s nice to have a living memorial in the form of this discussion page. It’s great to hear different stories and memories of Kristin.

I keep thinking about one night (last October?) when I was teaching Kristin a solo dance at the Kids Unlimited Studio. It was getting late and our blood sugars were dropping. So instead of working through it and getting irritated with eachother I decided we should leave to get some food and come to finish the dance later. We were on our way to Nico’s (she and I both always loved Nico’s Mexican food) when we passed by a Greek Festival that was going on. We decided to eat there instead even though Kristin had never had Greek food and she was a bit skeptic. It ended up being the funnest night! We ate gyros and bachlava and listened to the live music. We talked, joked around, and found cute boys we liked. I remember thinking how happy I was that our moms had always been friends so she and I were always together growing up and even then. I also remember thinking that I was excited that she was growing up and our relationship was changing. Instead of her being the little tot I babysat in hotel rooms at Cinderella she was getting to be more like a girlfriend to me. With what happened, I am so very thankful for that night at the Greek Festival. It’s funny that the dance turned out beautifully and I remember it too, but it’s us laughing at eachother becuase we had tahini sauce all over our faces that I treasure the most.

(and thanks for the email taryn… I’m on the Cape until the weekend and then it’s back to the City until august…)


Children's Memorial Park (Original poster: taryn smith) July 10, 2001

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Kristin’s name has been added to the south wall.


Thanks for the memories (Original poster: Shelly L.) July 6, 2001

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Thanks to those of you who have recently shared your special “Kristin memories” in this forum. I find myself on this site often as a way of feeling close to Kristin.

In Kristin’s early years, I spent nearly every day with her at the family business where I worked. We had a nursery/playroom set up and my kids, Haley and Marcus, and Kristin spent their childhood days at “the shop”, surrounded by parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. Shortly after Kristin’s dad died, my family moved to a different town and our visits with Kristin became less frequent. Your stories, many of which I have never heard
before, fill in some of those gaps in Kristin’s life that I missed out on. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please keep writing.


4th of July (Original poster: Amber Smith) July 4, 2001

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Last year, Kristin took me and Cheyenne swimming while my mom went to get Lucky Wishbone. Then Kristin helped us get up on the roof. We had a picnic and watched the fireworks on the roof. It was a blast. I miss having Kristin to take us swimming because she always played Marco Polo and Shark Attack with us.